Professional Images for Real Estate Professionals

When you're selling a home, the right photos can make all the difference. Modern day buyers have a plethora of homes to review online, and only those that catch their eye early-on are going to get an in-person tour.

We use a process called flash-ambient blending to produce high quality images. By combining professional lighting (flash strobes) with natural (ambient) light we are able to fill shadows, produce accurate colors and give clear views through windows.

Here at Jerry Mattice Photography, our goal is to help you show a house in the best possible light. We come in and, over the course of 40-120 minutes, document the home you're selling. We turn around the digital files within 24 hours , occassionally same day, available for immediate review in our client galleries.  

1444 Endicot1444 Endicot
337 Evian Way - Kitchen, 2 Bathrooms337 Evian Way - Kitchen, 2 Bathrooms
337 Evian Way337 Evian Way
337 Evian Way337 Evian Way