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Covid-19 significantly impacted how potential buyers look at homes.  With so many already looking at houses online, the pandemic, in many cases, made this the only option to view a house on the market. With new variants of Covid continuing to pop up, it doesn't look like this trend is going away soon. These days, a high percentage of buyers are purchasing homes without ever setting foot in them.  That's why, now, it is more important than ever to portray your listing in their "best possible light".

"Your iPhone just isn't cutting it."
A professional real estate photographer will capture a home from the buyer’s viewpoint. They know what angles and lighting will capture the true beauty of the home. Quick snapshots often misrepresent the size of a room or fail to capture unique details. Professional photographers pride themselves on their eye for details. They will be familiar with photography techniques utilize space and composition enabling the photos to truly represent the beauty of your home.

"Professional real estate photos build your brand!"
Using the same real estate photographer for all of your listings will create brand consistency. A consistent and professional brand gives real estate agents, new and experienced, the confidence to go to a listing presentation and demonstrate their worth to prospects. As a result, successful real estate agents tend to have a refined marketing strategy. You would likely be surprised by vast difference that high-quality photos can have on your brand.

"Lower-priced listings deserve the same attention as luxury listings."
It's easy to assume that higher priced listings deserve better marketing and real estate photography.  It just stands to reason that a million dollar listing is more important than a $180K starter home, right?  WRONG. Your clients (and you) deserve to have the best professional images to market their homes, regardless of the property value. As potential clients browse through your listings, viewing professional photos of a million dollar listing and then mediocre shots of a lesser value home, may lead them to not trust you to put as much effort into selling their home vs. a higher valued property.

Final Thoughts....
Developing a relationship with a professional real estate photographer is a vital part of improving your brand. Better photographs make you look more professional.  Considering how competitive the real estate market is these days, you need every advantage you can get.  Set your listings apart by using a professional real estate photographer to take professional real estate photos.




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